Shopping Guide

1) Search for your favorite product at and add it to your shopping cart.
2) Register or log in
3) Fill in your shipping address and confirm your order.
4) Choose a payment option, and make the payment.
5) When the payment is confirmed, we will prepare your order and send you the package.
6) After testing the quality of your items, you are welcomed to leave the feedback in the website.

1) What if my item is not available?
If your item is not in stock or for some reasons you cannot order it, we will notify you and give you other options to choose from, or you can cancel your order. You can provide other of your favorite item style pictures, and after confirmation, we will reply you as soon as possible.
2) Is this item available and when will I receive it?
Inventory moves very quickly, so we are not able to accurately check stock on a particular item. We are not able to confirm shipping date until the order is placed for an item. The website is updated with as much information as we have available including if an item won't be shipping out until a later date.
3) Why can I no longer find the item that I found before?
Once an item has no more available stock and the manufacturer is no longer making it, it is removed from our webpage as available and will no longer show up in searches.